Class Descriptions

Summer 2018 Art Camp by the Week

Mixed-Media Classes

🎨 Three to eight students will meet each week, everyday for five days, Monday through Friday, for specific weeks during summer. Three-hour classes, typically attracting children six through twelve years-old, are scheduled in the mornings. Please refer to schedules and fees.

In consideration for food sensitivities, light snacks of seasonal fruit and salty pretzels will be provided every day.

Each week's work will feature an overriding concept, the big idea, which is addressed through a different medium each day. For example, the general image of Faces might lead to ceramic masks being made on clay day, Monday. A series of surprising characters would be pulled off of the printing press on Tuesday. Self-portraits in various watercolor media or with acrylics on canvas could make their appearance on Thursday. Wednesday, fiber day, includes highly anticipated tie-dye accompanied by silk painting, papermaking, paper marbling, or the like. Friday is always glazing day, conveniently scheduled for any artist who may need to catch-up, finishing fired clay piece left incomplete due to family summer holiday travels.

🖌 Afternoon or early evening classes can be designed and scheduled for middle-school, high-school, or adult artists to survey mixed-media, or focus in areas of special interest. Popularly requested are: basic formal drawing techniques, figure drawing, fashion design and illustration, painting and color theory, three-dimensional design and construction, hand-working fibers (e.g. knitting, crochet), and pottery on the potter's wheel.