Class Descriptions

Winter into Spring 2018 Mixed Media Classes

One-Week School Break Workshops

A maxiumum of eight students will meet everyday for five days, Monday through Friday. View the schedule and fees.

Each week's work will feature an overriding concept, the big idea, which is addressed through a different medium each day. For example, the general image of Faces might lead to ceramic masks being made on clay day, Monday; Friday is always glazing day. A series of surprising characters would be pulled off of the printing press on Tuesday. Self-portraits in various watercolor media or with acrylics on canvas could make their appearance on Thursday. Wednesday, fiber day, includes highly anticipated tie-dye accompanied by silk painting, papermaking, paper marbling, or the like.

During the session, each child keeps a sketchbook, a unique visual diary meant to record spontaneous drawings, experiments with two-dimensional media and directed design 'games' which lead imaginations into the ideas at hand. The resultant artwork is distinctly and uniquely that of each artist.