Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

When searching for meaningful gifts, consider giving an art is happening Gift Certificate. Provide a unique, custom designed art experience for your spouse or the favored grandparent who "has everything" or to a small gathering of your immediate or extended family; to close friends, or to cherished community members.

The recipient(s) may schedule three (or, more) hours to work either independently or, based upon the chosen medium, share the guided creative time with up to twelve people of mixed-ages and varying (in)experience. Judy will facilitate the process by helping to develop ideas, clarifying processes, and demonstrating techniques. The completed original artwork will go home with the artist(s) to either treasure or gift, in turn.

The array of media to choose from includes all that art is happening typically has on hand. Materials which nicely fit into this workshop context include, but are not limited to, clay (e.g., hand-building a dinner service or throwing on the potter's wheel); a variety of painting media on paper, canvas, or silk; paper-making or - marbling; and, printmaking on the printing press.

Judy will hand-craft a festive Gift Certificate for you to present to your recipient(s) at the opportune gift-giving moment. Flexibly, it will be redeemable within the coming calendar year.

Please contact Judy to order your certificate and, when your recipient is ready, to schedule a mutually convenient date and time to redeem it.