Workshop Offerings

Workshops will be designed to encompass one or more discipline. Offerings include these materials and techniques:

Clay Work

  • Hand-building: sculptural pieces and functional ware
  • Ceramics on the Potter’s Wheel

    Designed for burgeoning potters 10 years-old through adult, private or semi-private time is dedicated to learning the tricks of this trade. Initially, a minimum commitment of two classes is required. Through detailed demonstration and personalized step-by-step coaching, the first meeting focuses on 'throwing' a basic cylinder. The second meeting completes the pieces: trimming and decorating the leather hard ware in preparation for the initial 'bisque' and eventual glaze firings.

    Beyond the two-class introduction, additional lessons and studio time can be scheduled for improving skills. As well as the how-to's, great attention is paid to finessing the aesthetics of three-dimensional form and establishing interest and variety in two-dimensional surface design.

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Mixed-Media Sculpture

Formal Drawing

Basic 2-Dimensional Design

Basic Painting Techniques and Materials


Handworking Fibers