Judy Dornbush, when wandering through art supply shops as a small child in Salt Lake City, was so bedazzled by all of those sparkly papers, rainbow pencils, color-filled tubes, and soft, long-stemmed brushes, that she determined to mess with it all when she grew up. And, now she does.

Following a career on the faculties of several universities and colleges, she established her independent school, art is happening, where, for the past thirty-four years, she has been bedazzling Marin County artists-of-all-ages with that myriad of wonderful, messy stuff.

Judy completed an MA in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Ceramics and Glass from UCLA; her Secondary Teaching Credential in Visual Arts is from Dominican University. At both the undergraduate and graduate levels, she studied Dance and remains an active dancer. When not messing with stuff, she teaches Creative Movement and Folkdance for Children as well as Stretch and Strengthen classes for seniors.