Art is Happening!

Art is Happening

For thirty-four years, aspiring artists of all ages have been making art happen in a secluded, intimate private studio in Marin County, California. To tempt burgeoning imaginations, Judy Dornbush has stocked her casual, light-filled workspace with myriad tantalizing tools and marvelous materials.

Throughout her accomplished dedicated forty-five year teaching career, she has become adept at integrating WHAT to make … how to develop the BIG IDEA … with HOW to make it, i.e., which materials and techniques will best illuminate that idea.

Ultimately, Judy’s strength lies in her ability to coax unique, personal, visual art works from her students. A colorful character, she strives to inspire all who are inclined to delve into the ideas and materials of Visual Art.

Art is Happening creatively offers unique, individually focused classes complemented by flexible, customized scheduling.

At this time, instruction is designed for artists 10 years-old through adult, and is focused toward those curious to discover and develop their creative eye, or ready reimagine, integrate, and express their particular point of view.


Residential Commercial Interior Exterior

Color consulting to help you enliven the design of your home or workplace. Together, we can refresh, co-ordinate, or re-design your architectural space … inside or out, top to bottom … with COLOR.