Basic Painting Materials and Techniques


Using artist quality concentrated pigments painters will create a series of works produced on quality d’Arches paper.

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Using artist quality commercial paints, discover the many personalities of acrylics. You will feel how this buttery, viscous medium behaves similarly to oil paint in its ability to thickly cover surface and graduate colors one into one another in the aid of representational 3-dimensional illusion. Find how, unlike oil paints, acrylics easily lend the ability to color-block, defining and controlling hard edges to further non-representational and graphic designs.

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Illustrator’s Gouache

Opaque rather than translucent, this flat watercolor medium is the choice of book and fashion illustrators, and graphic and textile designers. Create original artwork which then can be electronically scanned and then manipulated for publication.

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2-hour Private session$ 75
2-hour Semi-private session$ 60 each
2-hour Group$ 50 each