Hand-building: Sculptural pieces or Functional ware

Employing ages-old ceramic techniques, learn how to play with earthenware by pinching shapes, utilizing coils, and manipulating slabs into:

You will finish the smooth, white earthenware clay-body with painterly under-glazes and bright, glossy low-fire glazes.

Ceramics on the Potter’s Wheel

Designed for burgeoning potters 10 years-old through adults, private or semi-private time is dedicated to learning the tricks of this trade. Initially, an introductory two-class minimum is required. Through detailed demonstration and personalized step-by-step coaching, the first meeting will focus on “throwing” a basic cylindrical vessel. The second meeting will complete the pieces, trimming and decorating the leather-hard ware in preparation for the initial “bisque” and eventual glaze firings.

To fine-tune and further develop technique, theory, and design beyond this introduction, schedule additional 2-hour sessions one at a time or devise a series.

Judy, Sophia, and Gabriel in the studio


Introductory lessons:

Two 2-hour Private session$160
Two 2-hour Semi-private session$125 each potter

Series: pre-scheduled additional sessions:

2-hour Private session$75 per class
2-hour Semi-private session$ 60 each, per class

Two unfired ceramic pitchers with handles