Parties & Fundraisers

Ceramic handprint Tiles & Murals

Handprint tile installation

Handmade tiles are earthenware clay squares in which participants hands have been impressed. The tiles will be glazed, fired, and installed, most commonly on exterior walls.

Detail of handprint tiles

Tiles are typically 7" x 7". Because the tiles are individually made for each facility, the precise design - sizes, shapes and colors - will be determined to suit your specific aesthetic and site.

Handprint tile installation

Existing walls can be seen in many Marin County locations including The Discovery Museum, Sausalito; San Domenico School, San Anselmo; Ross Valley Nursery School, Kentfield; and, Boyle Park, Mill Valley.

Stephan signing his handprint tile

A Community Fundraiser

  1. Arrange for individual tiles to be sold to members of your community for a fee beyond the contracted production and installation fee. Consider increasing your profit by arranging for a professional contractor in your community to donate the installation.
  2. Your fundraising chairperson will be responsible for completing orders from your community members and agreeing upon the dates and times for the actual hand-printing process. The activity can be scheduled in conjunction with a community event such as a commemorative celebration or a seasonal festival.
  3. The requisite number of raw, wet tiles will be brought to your event for the actual the hand-printing and signing process.
  4. The completed tiles will be delivered to you or installed on your site, as per agreement.
  5. Please make arrangements well in advance.
Custom hand painted handprint tiles